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Global Forex Institute is a forex training institution that was established by the youngest self-made millionaire in South-Africa, Sandile Shezi. Shezi is formally from the dusty streets of Umlazi, a township situated in the South of Durban.

The 25 year old and his long time mentor George Van der Riet, being a trade master with trading experience in excess of 15 years, partnered up to start Global Forex Institute. It was born to create financial freedom and to address the high levels of unemployment in South Africa.

Global Forex Institute provides first hand training programmes that fully equips students for the forex trading world. This is one of the first institutions that offers a life time mentorship programme aimed at assisting students to be full time, successful forex traders.

Over the years the institute has offered mentorship to more than 10 000 successful students. Our mentors are handpicked by Sandile and George and are highly recommended. We offer a high number of seats per class making it easy for the students to interact with mentors. In 2014 we won an award for been the number one forex training provider in Africa.

Our main goal is to teach clients how to trade forex, and also enhance them, by guiding our clients and giving them first hand teaching going through trades with the senior tutors. It is not an “over- night success get rich scam” it requires dedication, discipline and hard work just like any other career. We have tutors ready to assist all out students on a regular basis at all our offices which are open from Monday to Friday from 9am – 7pm.

Global Forex Institute offers the best forex training on South African soil. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to trade forex, from the best forex traders in the Southern Hemisphere.

You have the opportunity to book a FREE Class with South Africa’s own youngest millionaire and the best Forex Master Mind in South Africa, Africa and perhaps the world.

Sandile Shezi

The 24 year-old Sandile Shezi, born and raised on the streets of Umlazi, a township situated in the North of Durban, made the rise to a South African foreign currency investor and is currently the country’s youngest self-made multimillionaire . It was all a dream starting off humbly in his hometown in Durban, selling muffins at his high school, but he always had big business dreams. Shezi has always had a vision for seeing good ideas in unexpected places that led him to selling clothes door-to-door, where he learnt the ins and outs of a business and how to handle rejection. He used the rejection as a method of motivation to do better and reach for the stars. His parent’s dreams of him becoming a civil engineer were shattered as they witnessed their son drop out of university to pursue his own dreams. Anger, frustration and feelings of disappointment was expressed by his parents. They felt as if it was a nightmare and all their hard work and investments they had exhausted to make their sons education a possibility was all in vain. Soon, after reading about forex trading, Shezi took a chance, investing the remainder of his university tuition money into the heady, competitive world of online investing. With a natural inclination towards numbers and their patterns, and more than little common sense, Shezi soon saw success in the stock market game. Today, Shezi is the founder and CEO of Global Forex Institute and his aim is to empower financial freedom across South Africa. He has the title of the South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaire.


George van der Riet

39 Year old George van der Riet, grew up in Cape Town and then relocated to London to study. He worked as a Forex Trader at various banks and at International Financial Institutions. He then went on to start a Private Investment Fund and the rest, as they say, is history. In 2012 George van der Riet returned to South Africa to mentor a young man by the name of  Sandile Shezi, who has since become one of the best traders in Africa and the youngest self-made millionaire in South Africa. Together they started Global Forex Institute with a vision of doing something for the average guy on the street who struggles to find a job in these tough economic times. George van der Riet has won the African Forex Cup for the past 3 years making him the best trader on the continent.

George van der Riet has always lived on the edge, fast exotic cars, wild parties and all the excesses that comes with the huge pay enjoyed by successful Forex traders around the world. But he also knows the struggle. After an incident when a mugger tried to rob him in London, George was accused of murder and faced a potential life sentence. George maintained that it was self-defence and eventually the murder charges were dropped but all his assets were frozen or spent on his legal team. He had to start over from scratch. George opened a Forex Trading account with TDMarkets.com and deposited $200. Within 6 months he was once again a millionaire. The media was divided with some painting him as a villain and others painting him as a hero by publishing his charitable selfless deeds. Saint or sinner? Depends on who is judging but to the hundreds of successful traders that he has  mentored, like Sandile Shezi, it doesn’t matter if he was guilty or not. “All that matters is the fact that this guy turned $200 into millions and he is willing to mentor me for free.”  That’s right. The Forex mentoring that George does for students at GFI is done so for free. Apart from mentoring traders he also mentors entrepreneurs and has invested in a number of business ideas and helped numerous would be entrepreneurs with funding to turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

Bookings Team

Our dedicated team of booking agents are there to help you book your place at one of our free seminars that take place every weekend at a major city centre. You can either fill out the booking form or you can call them on 031 536 7100 (option 2) and one of our team will be able to book you a place at the next free beginner’s seminar near you.

Finance Team

Our finance team is there to help you with any questions regarding the payment of your advanced class. They are also there to ensure you get your class modules once your payment has been made in full. You can email them at gfifinance@globalforexinstitute.co.za or call them on 031 536 7100 (option 1).

Support Team

Our dynamic support team is there to assist you with any queries you may have regarding any aspect related to GFI. They are there to assist potential new clients with bookings and basic funding queries as well as existing students with queries related to tablets, student start-up funding and signal app queries. You can contact them by emailing them at care@globalforexinstitute.co.za or calling the support centre on 010 140 1592


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