GFI is a SCAM!

I heard a student saying that Global Forex Institute is a scam. GFI a scam? But Global Forex Institute is the best company in the industry with no other Forex training provider getting even close. Global Forex Institute even has awards to prove that they are the best in Africa. How can this student think that GFI is a scam?


I decided to take a closer look and found that the student in question did attend 2 days of training at the Sandton branch of GFI. The student did not however bother to attend any of the free mentorship sessions after that.


It’s All A Big Scam!

Everything is a scam…

If you don’t take action…

Just the other day I saw a study that said 90% of people who buy a year long gym membership will stop going within the first 30, yet they still must pay…

Now when I read this I had two thoughts..

One, I need to start a gym! They literally get paid for a full year of services and most people only use them for a month, not a bad business right (;

Secondly, I realized that the gym is like anything in life.

If you buy a gym membership and don’t use it then you may say the gym is a “scam” because you don’t see any results!

Just like when you spend $1,000 buying an online course yet don’t go through any of the information, don’t take action and therefor don’t get any results. Most people would then say this course is a scam because they didn’t see results.

Just like when you join a new business and you don’t hustle. You won’t make any money and you might call it a scam.

Life is about taking action. And regardless how good the information you have is, if you don’t work you won’t see results.


Warren buffet could personally show you exactly how to become a billionaire however if you go home and watch the football Instead of taking action you will stay broke.

Moral of the story

If you want to succeed…




P.S. Complaining is not counted as an action!