Public scam warning from Global Forex Institute

With success comes many challenges and chancers. GFI and Sandile Shezi are being impersonated by a number of scam facebook pages and fraudulent companies and these impersonators are out to steal your hard earned cash.

Global Forex Institute is doing everything in it’s power to alert the public about these scams but it is not possible to reach everyone. Please help us spread this warning message by sharing this page to social media.

How to spot a scam impersonation of Global Forex Institute:

On facebook you will see pages that, at a glance, look like the GFI facebook page or one of Sandile’s facebook pages. The scammers will often use images stolen from GFI websites and social pages, making it almost impossible to tell the difference, except when you look at the number of page likes. If it is really Sandile or GFI then there will always be more than 20 000 page likes or members in the case of groups or friends/followers in the case of personal facebook profile pages. If the number is under 10 000 then you can be sure it is a scam and you should click the button and report it to facebook.

Never give investment money to someone claiming to be working for GFI because GFI does not invest funds for the public. GFI provides training only and payment for training should only be made into the bank account on the GFI website.

Below is a list of GFI impersonators that we are aware of. Please keep in mind that they often change things like their facebook link so some of these may not work anymore. This list is updated by us regularly and once again we rely on the general public to alert us of any new scams regarding GFI so that we can contact police and update this website. Please email details to