GFI Social Terms and Conditions. Please read and complete the form at the end.

GFI has a number of social platforms available to help students by trading in a group and not alone. Putting heads together and bouncing ideas off each other is a great way to improve your trading skills. Unfortunately, these social groups are often open to abuse and we have seen an increase of abuse in our WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and FibStars groups by companies that would like to compete with us and even by students who try to rally other students in an attempt to cause disruption.

GFI reserves the right to deny or restrict access to these groups and mentorship and any other activities as it sees fit. If you are found talking badly about GFI or anything/anyone related to GFI on social media like facebook or whatsapp then it can cost you your membership. Breaking any of the rules below can also cost you your membership. We have considered simply closing these groups, but that would hardly be fair to the vast majority of students who use these groups for their intended purpose, which is to trade together and to discuss trading. We have instead decided on strict rules to ensure the groups will be helping GFI students for many years to come.

Please follow these rules  to the letter to ensure that the privilege of using these groups remains there for you.

No negativity or moaning and complaining in groups meant for trading. If you are unhappy about something, then you can click the feedback button on one of our websites and give us feedback or simply send an email to

We use your feedback to see what we are doing great at and what we could be doing better.

If you need support with a current issue, the best thing to do is contact our customer care department on any of the many channels that we have created to make contacting support and resolving issues as easy as possible. You can see a list of contact options available on our websites. We offer everything from live chat to phone calls, call backs, email, face to face support and more. We will go out of our way to accommodate you in the best way possible and go that extra mile. Our customer care team is constantly getting training to ensure that they can assist you better than anyone in any whatsapp group.

If you are not satisfied with the way that our customer care department assists you, then please let George and Sandile know by sending feedback to

Please try to mention exactly what you are unhappy with and include details like the name of the support agent that helped you or failed to help you.

You may not advertise anything on our groups or ask users to inbox you or contact you in any way whatsoever outside of any of the groups without prior consent from GFI management.

Failure to adhere to these policies in full will result in you being banned from the groups without any prior discussion, notification or warning. In extreme cases such as deliberate sabotage, we reserve the right to cancel your GFI membership. If this happens, you will not be allowed at mentorship, including access to our office premises and buildings. Security will be informed of banned members and will escort you off the premises or out the building.

We have hired a company to monitor all of our social pages and groups. They will be deciding who will be removed and who will have their membership cancelled. Therefore, there is no point trying to plead with GFI after being removed. We will not be drawn into discussion on this. We are enforcing these rules after numerous complaints to from dedicated students that said that the groups lost their usefulness as a result of these individuals who do everything in their power to disrupt and create a negative learning environment. We should have acted faster to prevent them from disrupting your learning and we apologise sincerely for that. We have since put the necessary things in place to help prevent this ever happening in the future.

As a way to be fair, we will choose 1 person every week that has helped promote a positive experience for our users with their constructive positive comments about GFI on Facebook and all other groups and pages. The weekly chosen one will get R1000 put into their trading account.

By using any of our social platforms you agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated in this document.

In order to use the GFI whatsapp, telegram and other social  groups you need to register your details here. We will keep them private and only use them internally to ensure that only GFI clients have access to the groups.